John of God

and the

Casa de Dom Inacio



Three buffet meals are included in your Pousada price. They are served at 7am, noon, and 6-7pm. Fruits, vegetables, chicken, beef, rice, pasta, bread, coffee, and tea. There is always more food than you can eat. Fish is a rarity because it is so far inland. Bottled water and drinks are extra. (We drink only blessed water from the Casa).

You may eat at some of the other Pousadas for R5-R15. Keep track of the meals not eaten at your pousada (check with your pousada to see if this is allowed) and have it deducted as a skipped meal from your total bill. Let your pousada owner know when you plan on skipping a meal so they can keep track. Amazonas, Don Ingrid and Jardim dos Anjos, Irma Sol, and possibly others, do not offer this option.

The food at your pousada may be SALTY. Your ankles and feet may swell. Stay away from the saltiest foods. Eat lots of fruit. Drink 2 litres of water a day. We took Hawthorne Berries (herb for oedema) on 2nd trip and did fine.

Healing Soup

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday healing soup (vegetables and noodles) is served after the morning session at the Casa de Dom Inacio between 10 and noon. Note: Some think this is enough to eat and skip their noon buffet. However, they find that sitting in the current rooms takes a lot of energy and the soup wasn’t enough. You need to eat when the buffets are served. Food is available at the Pousadas only at the prescribed meal times. 


Frutti's (Ulton's) Cafe Ulton speaks English. They serve delicious smoothies, sandwiches, breakfast, and deserts. This is a wonderful place to meet people. There is a back patio with more tables and hammocks.

On Fridays at 7pm, with reservations only, they serve a vegetarian meal.

There is a community bulletin board to post notes if you want to share a taxi back to the airport, notes about house rentals, etc.

Ulton has 2 phone booths where you can make direct calls home. The phones are connected to a computer which will note the length of call and cost. He also will change money from dollars to reals.

Pizzaria located across from Frutti's, serves pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and ice cream.

Moitara Cafe (East of the Pousada Furlan) serves sandwiches, snacks, salads, ice cream from R4 to R18. Beautiful view over the valley, use of swimming pool for R5.

Cafe Central Incredible organic food (even the beef) and the lentil burgers are amazing. Grianne (from Ireland) and her husband Joao serve dinner. Closed on Wednesdays. They are located a block down the street from Pencil Light bookstore. Some Saturday evenings there is live entertainment.


Snacks are available at the Casa de Dom Inacio on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday only.  Fruit popsicles, fresh squeezed juice, pastries, cocoa milk, etc.

Snacks are also available at several of the small corner markets.
Pousada Dom Ingrid has 12 flavours of ice cream (R1.50 for cup or cone). The Pizzeria also has ice cream.


Weather for Brasilia

Abadiania has a tropical climate, it is usually warm during the day, but the evenings are cool. The rainy season is October through April, the dry season is May through September. It is either warm and wet, or warm and dry.

During the rainy season, it will usually be sunny in the morning and the rain showers will come in the mid afternoon or evening. An umbrella or poncho is adequate protection from the rain if you are going to be walking about.  

The rainy season brings mosquitoes. Wear long sleeved cotton shirts and pants to protect yourself. Use insect repellent on your pillow and sheet and spray the wall above your head. Or purchase before your trip a 220v insect repellent plug.

The night time temperatures are cooler during the dry season and you may need something warm, such as a sweatshirt, if you are going to be out during the evening hours.


White clothes are worn at the Casa de Dom Inacio Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (white being of a higher vibration is easier for the Spirits to work on you and opens energy fields). Bring 2-3 sets of very loose, light weight white clothes as you will be sitting 2-3 hours meditating in a warm room. In current rooms you sit in close proximity to others.

Any other clothes should be light coloured and light weight. You will find dark clothes uncomfortable in the healing energy of the area and the heat of the country.

This is a spiritual environment, shorts and tank tops are not appropriate attire, but walking shorts are OK. A sweatshirt kept us warm on the airplane and was nice for breezy evenings.


Bring casual, comfortable shoes. You will be walking on red dirt/rocky roads as well as paved streets. During the rainy season it can be muddy. Athletic shoes, thongs, flaps, or sandals all work well. You will be taking your shoes off when sitting in the current rooms. The rooms are warm, putting your bare feet on the cool tile floor is comforting.


It is best to take small bottle of liquid soap to use for showering and to wash clothes. We washed one or two items a night in the sink. Allow 3 days to dry during the wet season.

Laundry is available at all Pousadas at R1-R2 per item. It may take several days to dry and hope you get back what you gave. All laundry is ironed including underwear!

Toilet Sanitation

Do not flush any paper in the toilet, the sewer systems cannot handle it. Place all toilet paper in the trash can next to the toilet. You empty your own trash. An excellent idea is to take a perfumed pack of plastic bags sold for you to dispose of baby's dirty nappies - these are cheap and no smells escape.

If your toilet smells, you can purchase Liquido Sanitario and a small brush in Abadiania at the general store, located at Avenida Frontal and the main highway (see pousada map), for less than R4.

Communication with Home


The Internet Shop now features Skype for free long distance conversations all over the world.

There are pay phones at the Casa de Dom Inacio and in front of Hotel Brasil, Catarinense, and Do Sul. They work with a card that you can purchase at the Casa Bookstore for R5. It works on the click system. You need to find out the USA connection code and have a couple of cards ready while you make your call. These phones will also accept many international calling cards if you have the correct codes.

Pousada Amazonas has a metered phone. They will dial your number. It costs R9 for the first 3 minutes.

Fruitti's also has 4 private phone booths to make direct calls. The phones are connected to a computer which will record the length of the call and the cost.

If you need assistance or advice on using a telephone calling card, someone at the front desk at Amazonas can help you.


Most hotels/pousadas now have internet facilities - check out on the Finding A Room page on this site.

The Internet Shop.
Red Gilson is the owner and Marcos Dacosta is the manager. Both speak English.
Phone (62)3343-1943 or

The Internet Shop now has 13 computers with high speed DSL full broadband connections, modems for laptops, printing and scanning, as well as burning cds.

They also feature Skype for free long distance conversations all over the world.

Rates for computer/internet are R3 for 15minutes and R10 per hour.
Fax is R7 to send R1 to receive.

They are open Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sun 9am-9pm.  

Marcos handles rental houses, and rents them by the day or month and he has a brand new taxi service. Marco speaks English. Phone number for taxi and rental houses. (62)9261-0761

Pousada Prates  Pablo and Daniel speak English, Spanish, and a little French.

They have DSL internet, R2 for 15minutes and R3 for 30 minutes. Daniel also gives Portuguese lessons on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm for R10.

Pousada San Jose has 2 computers with dialup connections. Rates are R5 for 15 minutes R20 for 1 hour. From 7am-11pm.

Latin American Craft Shop on Avenida Frontal, has 4 computers at R5 per hour. The owners, Marcello, Eric, and Claudio speak Spanish and a little English.

Electrical Outlets

The electrical outlets in Brazil have a different voltage (but not the U.K.) and configuration than those in the USA, and require an adapter (220v). The following website shows you what you need to buy. The adapters are usually available at travel stores. Electricity and water may be shut off at times, sometime for days. U.K. visitors do not require a converter, just an international adaptor for South America.


Abadiania and the Casa de Dom Inacio is a place of peace and spiritual healing. But there are a few annoyances, the biggest we have found is noise. At least twice a year a 4 day rodeo is held at the rodeo grounds on the northwest side of Abadiania. The noise blasts from 18 foot high boom boxes starting at 9pm and lasting until 3am.

The festivities start on Thursday and finish on Sunday evening. Many people we spoke with were unable to sleep during these 6 hour nightly assaults on the senses. We have been unable to determine exact dates of the rodeos, but from our experience they are in February, March, and late August or September. Also, other noisy nocturnal events are held at the rodeo grounds at other times of the year. (earplugs are very helpful).