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The most recently released is a new book called 'John of God: A Guide to Your Healing Journey With Spirit Doctors Beyond the Veil' This book has been available from Amazon US and Amazon UK only since April 2014. If you wish to find out more before purchasing please CLICK this link.   Mytrae  Meliana

John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions
Heather Cumming

Several John of God books have been written, and each has its strengths. This John of God book however is the one to buy with the best all-around picture of the man, his mission, and his extraordinary power. Medium Joao is a humble and private man, but he gave the authors access to his personal life and to the Casa Healing Center that no other author has received.

Unconditional Love CD
Kim Lee was inspired in Abadiania to create this CD. One of the songs he has written and performs is named 'Abadiania'.

Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao De Deus
Josie Ravenwing

Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inacio
Emma Bragdon

Kardec's Spiritism: A Home For Healing And Spiritual Evolution
Excerpt from this book
Emma Bragdon

DVD documentary "I Do Not Heal, God is the One Who Heals: A Tribute to John of God"
Emma Bragdon and Anne Macksoud

Brazilian Healer with the Kitchen Knife
Sandy Johnson

Video of John of God
Mark Thomas

Testimonials of People Cured by the Spirits at the Casa de Dom Inacio. 15 testimonials verified by the site's webmaster Ron Pieris.

Books about other Brazilian Healers and Brazilian Spiritism

The Moon and Two Mountains: the myths, rituals and magic of Brazilian Spiritism.   Pedro McGregor.

This book was originally published in the UK, and was published later in the USA as: Jesus of the Spirits. It is out of print, but can be purchased used from either or

If you REALLY want to learn about the history of Brazilian mediums and healers, this books is a must read. Pedro McGregor is a Brazilian, and operated the Temple of Universal Religion in Rio for many years. A friend, who has know Pedro since 1965, and spent many hours at his temple, tells me he is a man of great intellect as well as a very talented medium and healer.

Important note: The information about Rubens Faria on this site is historical. Rubens Faria is no longer able to incorporate Dr Fritz and conduct the "miracle surgeries". We are unable to authenticate his healing abilities at this time.

In Search of Brazil's Quantum Surgeon: The Dr Fritz Phenomenon
Masao Maki

Rubins Faria incorporating Dr Fritz ... a 45 minute video documentary by David Sonnenschein who spent 2 years working with Rubens Faria, and who also provided a lot of the background material for the above book by Masao Maki.

The video shows actual surgeries and other medical procedures. Great for converting non-believers, but not for dinner party entertainment.

Contact David Sonnenschein

Free EBooks about Spiritism and other spiritual subjects. All are translated into English from French or Portuguese. This site has 30 books, including the 5 books by Allan Kardec, that can be either read on line or downloaded and printed.