by Bob Dinga and Diana Rose

Enjoy a visual journey to the Casa de Dom Inacio and feel the tranquillity of this sacred place of hope and miracles. Immerse yourself

in the energies of this spiritual hospital where the man known as John of God continues his mission of service to humanity. 

This new DVD includes 360 spectacular photos of John of God, the Casa, the pousadas, the town of Abadiania and the

countryside around the Casa.  The background music is comprised of 10 songs that are regularly played in the Casa current rooms.

Price: US$20 which includes tax and shipping.
For information on how to order your copy, contact Bob and Diana at
or visit them on the web at

This DVD contains photos of the following 16 categories:

  • The House of Saint Ignatius (Casa de Dom Inacio)

  • Precious photos of John of God

  • Casa Grounds and Gardens

  • Translation Line

  • Casa Main Hall

  • Current Rooms

  • Preparing the Blessed Soup

  • Lining up for the Blessed Soup

  • Meditation Deck built with Donations

  • Casa Administrators & Volunteers

  • Casa Art

  • Various Pousadas

  • Abadiania Soup Kitchen built with Donations

  • Colourful Town of Abadiania

  • Exotic Flowers of Abadiania

  • Countryside Around the Casa