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The  FRIENDS OF THE CASA. website (which is devoted to John Of God and The Entities) has  moved to  and it is now fully operational.  You can access their 2010 newsletters HERE. Be sure to check out Liam and Bill's inspiring healing stories in the December 2010 issue HERE. Join to keep up to date with John of God.

This site is primarily for people who either wish to travel independently or for the thousands who think they cannot afford to travel with a Guide but still would like to receive a healing from John of God. This site details the costs, where to stay in Abadiania, the Casa procedures, and what to expect during the healing sessions with John Of God and The Entities.

Where is the Casa?

The Casa de Dom Inacio is on the north edge of the village of Abadiania (Aba-jan-ya). Abadiania is on the main highway between Brasilia and Goiania, about 1 1/2 hours south of Brasilia. It is easily and safely reached by taxi or bus from the Brasilia International Airport.



    Now available  A new professionally produced 2 disk DVD travelogue "Traveling to Abadiania" by Robert Beard. The set is designed to help first time travellers wanting to visit "John of God" in Brazil. CLICK HERE for full information on this excellent product which you can buy direct from the producer.  A brief introduction to the Casa   is on disk 1.

    Official Casa de Dom Inacio Guide
    produced by the Casa de Dom Inacio.
    Be sure to read this guide before travelling to the Casa.

    You need to be relatively fit or have a carer to cope with the journey and the arrangements for your stay. If this appears too daunting to you I strongly recommend that you take a serious look at the websites of three experienced Guides who I fully recommend. Phyllis Bennett is a British Guide, Josie Ravenwing is an American Guide and Mytrae Meliana is another American Guide  since 2009. You will find Phyllis on  or Josie on or Mytrae on http://www.  . Phyllis  has taken groups to The Casa since June 2003 , Josie from 1998 and Mytrae has met groups since 2009 - so these ladies can take the strain off you so you can gain most benefit from your journey. Phyllis will accompany clients on flights from Heathrow but all three will meet people from all over the world at Brasilia Airport and take care of all the arrangements during your period in Brazil. They all book their groups into the same superior hotel just half a block from The Casa whenever possible for an optimum experience. I have added more over the years on a sister website please visit GUIDES for full information and maximum coverage throughout the year.

    John of God in Brazil (Joćo de Deus Brasil) birth name Joćo Teixeira de Faria, a very powerful spiritual healer, known as an unconscious medium, which means that a spirit enters his body. He has been healing for over 50 years, he is now in his sixties, and has been at the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil for over 25 years.

    There are 33 spirits that work through John of God's body, putting a tremendous strain on him physically. Other mediums volunteer at the Casa de Dom Inacio to help hold the energy for the spirits who enter his body. Those who seek treatment at the Casa also help hold the energy by sitting in Current. When in Entity, John Of God does not remember what he has said or done as a spiritual healer.

    John of God is at the Casa for 2 sessions each day on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. White clothes (colour of highest vibration) are worn on these days. John Of God will see everyone who is there at the 8am session, and he will see everyone who is there at the 2pm session (he sees hundreds of people each session). You will normally only get about 10 seconds to pass in front of Joćo in Entity. Through an interpreter, John Of God will give you instructions, i.e. to sit in current, to have an operation, get crystal bath, or take herbs.

    John of God in Brazil (Joćo de Deus Brasil) has healed millions of people over the years, directly or indirectly. For over 50 years John of God has dedicated himself as a powerful  healing medium and psychic surgeon

    Even today John of God treats many many people in his sanctuary "Casa De Dom Inacio" in Abadiania and the healing energies are as strong as ever in Abadiania in central Brazil (Brasil) It has been reported that John of God has a success rate of 85% . This of course is hard to accept when compared to current orthodox medical treatments and their success rate - so I urge you to do your own research on John Of God, surf the net, use popular search engines like Google or Yahoo - visit sites and read testimonials to John Of God - you may then understand that John of God's success rate is extremely good! and most of all he offers HOPE to everyone.

    John of God (real name Joćo Teixeira de Faria) sees hundreds everyday in the Casa De Dom Inacio, Abadiania Brazil, sometimes there are thousands on special occasions when coaches from all over Brazil arrive filled with people seeking to be healed, wishing to pray or meditate in the wonderful energy-field here, or to come for gratitude at having already been healed.

    If you are ill, travel with a companion who can care for you during the healing process. Being very ill far from home is not a pleasant experience, and should your situation worsen, you will have someone at your bedside. Many of the guides take large groups (15 people) to see John of God and are unable to provide the emotional and physical support that may be necessary when someone is going through the healing process.

    However there are many guides who do an excellent job and only take small groups. These guides provide a rich source of information, making sure their guests follow the protocols of the Casa, and fully respect and honour the life in Abadiania. A few of the guides are listed at this site Friends of the Casa

    If you are very ill and/or in a near terminal condition, it is best to have a picture of yourself presented to the Entity before proceeding to Abadiania. It is expensive and causes a lot of problems for the Casa and your family should you expire while in Abadiania. See sending a picture. Also, if you have a serious condition, it is advisable to have travellers health insurance.

    It is possible for you to go to the Casa de Dom Inacio in a wheel chair. The airlines are very helpful, as well as the taxi drivers at Brasilia. The only limiting factor is that you need to be able to get yourself in and out of bed and shower, so it is best if someone accompanies you. People in wheelchairs are welcome at ALL pousadas. People in walkers, or on crutches, get to the Casa de Dom Inacio via taxi, or stay at Santa Helena (previously Santa Rita), or one of the other close pousadas.

    The English language orientation every Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm at the Casa de Dom Inacio will explain everything you need to know and what to expect, and what is expected of you during the three days that Joćo is in Entity. The interpreters are also available to answer your questions before, during, and after the sessions. The orientation is often presented in your pousada.

    The Casa

    The current rooms at the Casa de Dom Inacio are where the spirits and spirit doctors work on you . When you are told to sit in current, it is where you can release your beliefs and emotions, and where you can receive healing and where psychic surgery can be performed. This is the most difficult thing to accept and to do. John Of God is truly charismatic and will put the most sceptical at ease and comfortable in these intimate surroundings.

    There are three current rooms, the Mediums (first) Current Room, the Entities Current Room and the Operations Current Room. You sit with shoes off, feet on the floor, hands on thighs, eyes closed for 2-3 hours while the procession of people passes through these rooms to see Joćo (John Of God) in Entity.

    Do not come with any expectations. Those who are ready to change their old beliefs and thinking and to release all resistance to change and who allow themselves to forgive those who have offended them will gain the most. This is not easy, and tears will be shed in the process but rest assured that John of God will help you along the journey of life..

    Keep in mind as you experience Abadiania and the Casa de Dom Inacio, that this is a place to come to heal your soul and your physical body. If you come not expecting anything, are willing to accept with gratitude a bed, food, flowing water, and a roof over your head then you may experience a tremendous healing at a deep level, both emotional and physical.

    This is not a religious experience, it is a spiritual experience. All religious beliefs are welcome, and all atheists and agnostics are welcome. While the Our Father and Hail Mary prayers are repeated (in Portuguese and English) several times in the current rooms to help hold the energy, you may say your own prayers and connect to your higher source in any way you choose---or just sit and be.

    I have been part of the British Spiritualist Movement for 30 plus years and I still find this experience beyond words. The change in people, the change in their eyes, and their stories/experiences of healings are real. The spirit energy and happenings are invisible, untouchable and immeasurable, and yet profound.

    After a spiritual healing, please follow the simple instructions you are given. Sit in current as much as possible if told to do so. Alter your diet (no alcohol, chilli, pork/pork products) to take the herbs. Minimum of 24 hours or more of bed rest after an operation. Not 18 hours or 20 hours, but at least 24 hours.--not sitting, not reading. There are many stories of people who didn’t rest and did not heal or their condition worsened. Even though you don’t feel anything, if you don't rest, you may undo what the spirits were trying to fix. I have witnessed people who would not follow these simple instructions and lost most of the benefit they had gained, and I have talked to people returning to the Casa a 2nd time to start over again. Also, no sex for 40 days after operations (to conserve energy for healing).

    You will hear and see many people who cannot just sit and be by themselves to heal, who spend a lot of time socializing and taking side trips. These people are not ready to work on their issues, and thus look for distractions and entertainment. When you travel to Abadiania, try to take full advantage of the energy at the Casa de Dom Inacio for your entire stay. Avoid taking a sight seeing trip to Pirenopolis or a crystal buying excursion to Crystalina. Especially avoid going to any other healing centres and/or participating in or observing any other healing activity. You will receive all that you need (this is not the same as what you 'want') from The Entities through John Of God in trance at The Casa De Dom Inacio in Abadiania.

    You will have the opportunity to purchase healing crystals of many sizes and colours at the Casa book store, all blessed by the Entity.

    Links to web sites and books about the Casa de Dom Inacio and Joćo de Deus, John of God.

    I am always pleased to hear from visitors to this site with comments helpful to other travellers. Contact me on

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    For an inexpensive, kind, loving and very experienced guide, contact Ida at Ida charges 300 US Dollars = approximately 200 British pounds sterling per person per week. You can receive Ida's Guidance even if you stay in any pousada. Ida also rents out houses or rooms - for details see "Finding a room page" - bottom of page.

    A list of guides to assist you on travelling and at the Casa are at the FRIENDS OF THE CASA website (which is devoted to John Of God and The Entities)

    I can vouch that it is truly a joy and wonderful opportunity to visit John of God in this special place, most visitors will  receive far more than they ever  imagined possible.  John of God's healing sanctuary, "Casa De Dom Inacio" is at the end of the central avenue, main street of the village Abadiania and overlooks wonderful hills. It is built on what is thought to be the largest  crystal plateau in the world.


    John of God (Joao de Deus) was originally guided to establish the Casa in Abadiania by Chico (Francisco) Xavier, the famous Brazilian medium who was one of John of God's spiritual mentors.  In the mid to late 1970's, Chico received a channelled message from the spirit world that John of God was to set up a permanent spiritual healing site rather than constantly travelling all over Brazil to do his work.  The site indicated by the spirit in the channelled message was Abadiania, mostly because the powerful energy field in that area that makes it ideal for this kind of work.  As John of God had such respect for Chico, he did as the latter suggested and Abadiania is now the location for the increasingly well known Casa de Dom Inacio.